Traveling to the largest one Menorah in the world

Menorah at North Minahasa addition there is a north minahasa historic sites there are also attractions like monuments minorah Religion, which is described as a place lampstand tallest monument in the world is very strategically located in the hills Airmadidi.near of the mountain Klabat North Minahasa regency.
minorah monument has a height exceeding 19 meters high monument menorah sitting in the State of Israel.
Making this monument financed by the local government, and the government set this menorah monument as a religious tourism destination.
This location is located at an altitude of 620 meters above sea level, we could see the view of the mountain Lokon Tomohon, Airmadidi and surrounding areas, and the city of Manado.
sights with this area of ​​36 hectares can be located only 3 kilometers from the District Airmadidi or only 20 minutes from the airport of Manado.

Menorah at North Minahasa
Menorah at North Minahasa

Exotic of this place  makes a lot of visitors come to this place, those who come in addition to sightseeing, there are just take the picture around, sit back and exercising.
Also available at the track for mountain bike sport.
visitors who came were not only local visitors but also from outside the area, even foreign tourists.
Admission to this place is still relatively cheap, for car charge Rp.2000 and Rp.1000 for  motor cycle and the gates open from 7:00 am until 22:00 the night.
In the near future the government will add other entertainment facilities such as a swimming pool and a water boom.


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