The Beauty of Lake Todano Minahasa

Tondano Lake
Tondano Lake are various tourist attractions mainstay in North Sulawesi,one of theme is Tondano lake,
The Lake area of ​​4,278 hectares is the largest lake in North Sulawesi.
Surrounded by hills and vast expanse of rice fields around the lake to make the air in this place is very cool naturally.
Local and International travelers make Lake as high as 685 meters above sea level as one of the favorites in minahasa Destinations.
when the holiday season arrives, there are so many travelers visit in this place
one of the mainstay attractions was Sumaru endo Remboken residing in the district.
These tourist sites providing Cottage,Swiming pool with Hot Watter, Restourant and other entertainment facilities such as recreation, water bikes and others.
While on the next Village from Remboken is Peleloan and Urongo village there are also several cottages and a restaurant that serves a variety of traditional foods such as lakes, Mujair  fish, Nike fish, crayfish and others.
Most of the restaurants ‘Floating’ also has a fish pond or who  commonly called by the local people is Karamba , so that visitors can choose directly from the fish cages to be in accordance with the taste meal each.
Nearby there are many places in the lake has begun ogled investors, local government was very respond to the presence of investors for the advancement of tourism in this area.
However it is regrettable since the last few years, the beauty of the lake Tondano began to fade with respect to the proliferation of the water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes).
this is very disturbing survival residents around the lake.
besides disturbing the beauty of the lake itself, also accelerate the process of silting up of the lake.
In the near future the government plans to revitalize the lake Tondano, including re-clean the lake Tondano of hyacinth, its all done to make Beautifull of Lake Tondano as a mainstay attraction north Sulawesi.


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