Turtle Conservation Area on the east coast of Minahasa

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384590_509351812424880_968014179_n (1) Beach is one of the three beaches in addition Kawis, Tulap and Tulap Wangko, Ranowangko 2 at the east coast of Minahasa, it was in orbited as area conservation and preservation of biota step of the turtles since opened  2000s, on the initiative of some NGOs that the local support from WWF, according to some conservationists and marine turtles are doing research there use scientific interest, there are the seven types have been identified, there are four types of annunciator has been detected several times and landed on the beach tulaun make the beach as their breeding ground, the people there have been several occasions since early in the request interactive dialog meetings to explain on how to preserve a turtle, a lot of them are very enthusiastic with the activity previously had profesi function, in addition to a hunting turtles in fishing activity as a second job with the socialization they start to fade as a result it was soon realized that the action should be stopped.according to local residents that every mid-july to September many of those who landed with the purpose to lay eggs and breed on the beach.


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